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Educational-Technical Classroom Assistance


To use computers and the Internet in a didactically sensible and technically competent way has become an important educational goal in many schools. Information technology facilities serve a variety of purposes, e.g. communication, as resource of knowledge, as cooperation platform or subject of learning.



The now broader availability of digital media meets an important precondition for incorporating digital media into teachers´ curricula and class lectures. Needless to say, the introduction of digital media is also accompanied by uncertainties.
Which kind of techniques and programs are adequate for an intended class project? Do they involve any uncertainties?

"Educational-technical classroom assistance" could help teachers overcome insecurities, particularly when making their first steps in using digital media during class.


Our service :

Since February 2006, the joint initiative of the Staatliches Schulamt (state education authority) and fraLine is able to offer support with class projects involving the use of new digital media to all teachers in Frankfurt.

We assist teachers and their students in working with digital media or other IT facilities during school lessons. Our service includes help with any class projects or class preparation that requires certain technical or software know how.



Projects accompanied by fraLine include Mrs. Helga Wiesner´s (of Johann-Heinrich-Wichern-School in Frankfurt) "Africa project". fraLine assisted her and her students in searching the Internet for information on Africa.

Mrs. Steffi Brehm (of Michael-Grzimek-Elementary-School in Frankfurt) drew on fraLine assistance when explaining to her grade school students how a computer works. One of our staff members attended her class and explained  the functionality and "interiors" of a computer to the children by showing them the components of an old computer.

Firsthand reports on teachers´ experiences with fraLine assistance can be found under "Experiences" (only in German).


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