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PlusS [Plus-Service]

Regular on-site services by dedicated fraLine staff members as contact persons

Schools can book PlusS to supplement basic technical support (problem-oriented).

foto_fachraumfraLine offers IT-support to all schools under the supervision of  the Frankfurt "Stadtschulamt" (school maintaining body) (cf. service portfolio). Due to lump sum financing by the city of Frankfurt, basic support services can be offered to all municipal schools free of charge.

The fraLine basic support is problem-oriented, i.e. fraLine only becomes active upon request, when a school needs consulting services or reports an IT incident. Due to limited staff capacities, regular on-site services by dedicated fraLine contact persons - irrespective of specific incidents or error reports - cannot be offered as part of the basic service.

Due to the great demand for regular school support services, however, fraLine has been offering the so-called PlusS [Plus-Service] to all Frankfurt schools since 2003. Schools can finance this additional service e.g. with state funds (so-called "pedagogical support" or "small school budget"). Until now the entire "Association of Special Schools" in Frankfurt as well as some primary and secondary schools have booked the additional support service.


What is "PlusS"?

Frankfurt schools signing up for PlusS [Plus-Service] are entitled to on-site services on a regular basis and a fraLine staff member as dedicated contact person. Unlike the basic service, PlusS includes routine administration and maintenance work. PlusS does not include support for school administration. In order to meet the needs of every individual school, distinguished by its type and size, different models with varying time spent and frequency of visits have been developed. Service hours vary from 1 h every 14 days  ("PlusS 11") up to 5 h per week ("PlusS 99"). Please find a detailed overview of models and prices in our basic contract (only in German).

Should your primary fraLine contact person be impeded or ill, a substitution regulation allows our work to continue without interruption. For more complicated cases the expertise of the entire fraLine team is certainly also available for the PlusS (as it is for the basic support).

Please note: Every school that uses PlusS, of course is still entitled to our basic service and can report urgent problems and incidents to fraLine receiving immediate support.


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