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Training Courses For IT Representatives At Frankfurt Schools


play_button_blau_2Besides the technical support fraLine also offers training courses for IT representatives at Frankfurt schools. The topics correspond to the specific IT conditions in Frankfurt schools.

Due to a donation by Siemens AG fraLine, twelve introductory courses could be offered to IT representatives at Frankfurt schools for the first time between November 2004 and May 2005. With 194 participants more than half of all IT representatives in Frankfurt attended the 8 hours training courses.

In cooperation with the state education authority and in addition to our rather theoretical introductory courses, we have been offering complementary courses since 2006. These practical tutorials include topics such as “hardware/software protection”, “data backup”, “school net, internet and communication server” and “cloning with Norton Ghost”. Since, however, IT representatives at schools often change, introductory courses for new representatives remain an important focus of the fraLine training courses.

play_button_blau_2The training courses will again be offered during the school term 2013. For more information on the booking procedure please refer to Training Courses for IT Representatives > Booking Request (only in German).

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